StartGreen: Acceleration programme for green transition of Micro Businesses, Start-Ups & Self-Enterprises

In the next sixteen months Balkan Bridge will have the opportunity to coordinate the project StartGreen: Acceleration programme for green transition of Micro Businesses, Start-Ups & Self-Enterprises. 


The StartGreen project is based on the growing necessity for supporting the Micro Business Sector (incl. Self-Entreprises and Start-Ups) within the path of green transition. Trade-offs between greening and business performance are commonly faced by the Start-ups &  self-enterprises. These trade-offs arise because of firstly, the uncertainty of greening measures 

and secondly, the burden on the Micro and Small businesses’ limited resources that greening may pose. The overall eco-innovation uncertainty is stemming from either technological, demand or policy uncertainty. Technical uncertainty often arises from questions about the innovation’s technical feasibility, usefulness, functionality, or quality; this uncertainty is often highest when eco-innovations require a paradigm shift.


This is why our project StartGreen will address those challenges by creating Cost-Benefits Analysis (CBA) Expert Guide which will be providing essential data and business analytics related to the circular economy transition of Micro Businesses, Start-Ups, and Self-Enterprises. The Expert Guide will be designed as a list identifying costs associated with the green transition, including avearge upfront costs (capital expenses) and average ongoing costs (operational expenses) on EU level along with the anticipated benefits.


Furthermore, the Green Transition Manual that will be created as a complimentary deliverable to the CBA Expert Guide that will equip the VET trainers with practical guidelines for conducting training to the representatives of the Micro Business Sector. By the innovative training content for identifying the suitable green steps the Micro Business sector will be able to undertake sustainable choices based on the current capacity and ongoing needs of their enterprises. The

Green Transition Manual will equip the VET trainers with comprehensive guidelines for training the businesses towards adopting the green transition models popular among the European business sector.

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