Balkan Bridge is an organisation aiming to bring together the societies of Balkans and to achieve cooperation and growth. The organisation’s mission is to cover the gaps of the Balkan area in terms of professional training, networking and research activities with the goal to transform Balkans to a sustainable ecosystem with a highly skilled human capital and businesses able to adapt to the needs of the society and the global trends.

In order to achieve its goals, Balkan Bridge is providing consultancy services, training for the improvement of professional skills to individuals and corporate training for businesses in order to achieve teams’ growth and empowerment.

Within this context, the main target groups of Balkan Bridge are: 

  • Individuals (incl. minorities such as migrants and refugees)
  • SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises)
  • Industries
  • Educational Institutes
  • Policy Makers


Balkan Bridge works towards achieving European values such as social inclusion and equal opportunities for all as well as to achieve excellence in education and training through the design and practical implementation of innovative training material and resources. Within this framework, the main activities of our organization are:

Education & Training

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Design and development of innovative training material, tools and methodology according to the specific needs of our target groups, as well as, conduction of targeted analyses on our target groups’ needs for customized education and training


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Provision of consultancy services to SMEs and industries, combined with business mentoring and coaching

IT Solutions

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Development of educational and training IT tools (OERs, e-learning apps) & impact assessment and policy recommendations

Networking Events

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Organisation of networking events in order to better connect the industry and other stakeholders with education and training organizations.

Networking Events

‘New Ideas for New Opportunities Network’ Vienna, Austria 28-29/11/2023

‘ECON‘ University Roma Tre, Department of Political Science Rome, Italy 1st of December 2023

“IDEAS” Hotel Novotel, Brussels, Belgium 5/12/2023

Connecting Societies

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