4th Transitional Project Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria for “WIN” project

A few months after the third transnational project meeting that took place in Slovenia, representatives from the 8 partner organizations involved in the “WIN” project had the opportunity to meet once again in person, this time in Sofia, Bulgaria.


During the meeting, the consortium discussed, among other things, the progress of the third (PR3) and the fourth project result (PR4).  More specifically, the Development of the training course/materials and translations, as well as the Piloting Activities and improvements. Both were developed in accordance with the guidelines given by the project result’s leading partner and the feedback provided by the consortium. The training course contains the syllabus with training plan, learning outcomes, training materials for participants, teaching materials for VET trainers (guidebooks, best practices, case studies etc.), and learning assessment tools. Moreover, PR3-A2 A2 refers to the application and experimentation of the developed training course into the partner countries.  The consortium discussed the next steps (such as the piloting activities for both the training material and the teaching resources, as well as the finalization and translations of both) and agreed on specific deadlines for the implementation of each task.


Furthermore, the consortium discussed the next steps for PR4, which is dedicated to the Certification process of the Workplace Innovation Manager professional profile. Finally, during the meeting the partners discussed the current status of the WIN platform (Technical development and national versions) as well as the future of PR6: Development of the Manual & Toolkit for Workplace Innovation Managers and policy makers.

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