2nd TPM in Austria for "DG-VET" project


The Second Transnational Partner Meeting of DG VET Project that took place in Graz, Austria on 8th & 9th of November 2022. The partners enjoyed great hospitality from LEVILO that has facilitated the meeting in order to cover all the important points. In accordance to the Meeting Agenda, the organisation which was responsible for the coordination of PR1, presented STATE OF THE ART REPORT ON YOUNG/WOMEN NEETS’ EMPLOYABILITY WITHIN THE DIGITAL AND GREEN ECONOMY SECTORS. The document was created based on the national reports that each partner had drawn, regarding the current situation in their country and further translated into each partner’s national language.

Moreover, PR2: Agriculture 4.0: Equipping young NEETs with basic & advanced digital and green skills was thoroughly discussed as the DG-VET partners had prepared allocation of the training modules in advance and presented an introduction of the topics. Specific focus was given on the concept of “Agriculture 4.0”: a new approach on agriculture as a sustainable and regenerative solutions-provider, building on developing the human capital through a bottom-up approach using digital platforms and regenerative methods.

Current status and upcoming steps related to the Financial Management, Quality Assurance and Dissemination activities were discussed in order for the consortium to ensure the effective management of the DG-VET project and reach the highest quality of the project’s deliverables.

The next Transnational Partner Meeting will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus in the month of MAY 2023. It will be hosted by STANDO as the partner leading the Quality Assurance.

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